The HonorBoard has more Honor than than other elected positions, because the HonorBoard chair has never pulled a knife on someone at Mudd, and if he/she did, they would probably be *at least* JB/DB'ed for such an offense.

One would think that pulling an knife is much more severe than a NapalmIncident

You'd think that, right? But Mudd has a funny (i.e. totally unclear and more than a little scary) policy about what kinds of incidents/crimes get reported, especially to outside authorities, and the word "napalm" is a lot more emotionally loaded (hence likely to get people all riled up into doing something) than the word "knife"... then there's the fact that the "napalm" in question was reported to and dealt with by off-campus HazMat people so it couldn't be covered up--I mean, dealt with in a Mudd-only way--and so...

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