Alas, the genre of adventure games is pretty much dead today (unless you count Myst, which is winding up for End of Ages, or Peasant's Quest, which is a parody of King's Quest anyways). But sit down, young peasant, and I will tell you a tale of a day when 'shooting' and 'attacking' things on your computer was a job for silly little arcade games like PacMan, and RealMen? played King's Quest, the very first adventure game of them all... A unique blend of random mythology, puzzles, and fantasy, this series was one of the original games that opened up the home computer entertainment market.

I: Quest for the Crown

II: Romancing the Throne

III: To Heir is Human

IV: The Perils of Rosella

V: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

VII: The Princeless Bride

VIII: Mask of Eternity

There's a KQ IX being devloped by fans now that Sierra's officially dropped the series that gave birth to the studio, but it's been in development for something like 8 years now, and is probably a pipe dream. I'm more interested in replaying the originals, to be honest. More in-depth information on the original series, if you'ld like it, can be found at http://www.vintage-sierra.com/kingsquest.html.

 - BrianKirkpatrick

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