Koppy is the great King of the Kosmos. He may also appear to be a 1+ foot stuffed orange striped cat in the possession of SeleneTan. This is a disguise taken on for convenience, and SeleneTan is his loyal subject rather than owner.

Koppy has a [throne] from which he rules the Kosmos. He frequently demands that it be turned into a hover-box. He also makes demands for cybernetic implants of various sorts, including laser eyes and a cyberbrain.

Koppy is, as may be obvious from the self-proclaimed title "King of the Kosmos", a megalomaniac. Some would argue that he suffers from delusions of grandeur instead, since he is not actually the King of the Kosmos. Lies! Filthy lies! -- Koppy

He also loves to hax0r, and often claims to be hax0ring the Pentagon just for fun. And then putting everything back just the way he found it. And eliminating all traces he was there. So we can't really say he wasn't. He is also responsible for the current state of AlexUtter's desktop wallpaper, having hax0red it repeatedly.

Koppy claims that he is, in fact, the King of All Cosmos as seen in the game KatamariDamacy?, and that the game just had a really bad rendition of him.

Koppy is not a copy-cat.

Koppy Quotes:

 "Hugging! It's the best thing evar, except for hax0ring!"

 Selene or Alex: "Koppy, you're so cute!"
 Koppy; "Yes I am!"
 Selene or Alex: "And so modest..."
 Koppy: "Uh-huh! Modestest evar!"

 Selene: "Koppy, you're so cute!"
 Koppy: "Cuter than YOU! Heeheehee!"
 Selene: "That's not very nice."
 Koppy: "But it's TRUE!! HAHAHAH!"
 Selene: "That's not nice either!"

To the tune of "Frere Jacques":

 I'm so cu-ute, I'm so cu-ute
 How 'bout you? How 'bout you?
 No one is as cute as me, no one is as cute as me
 I'm so cute. Super cute.

Bonus pic: [Selene and Koppy]

Official KoppyKingOfTheKosmos Loyal Subject List:

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