Brazen nostril hussy.

At some point, I'll put some content here, because it's probably a GoodIdea. Or I could just add stuff and confuse FrOsh. Yay confusion!

Okay, I need something to do for a few minutes, so I'll write something.

LizKadison is a third-floor Eastie living in Case. For two years, she was a first floor Eastie. Now she's living in exile. LizKadison is a junior CS major. However, she's a little bit behind, considering that she's right now taking her first CS class since CS5 at Mudd. On the upside, it's CS60 with ProfessorRan.

LizKadison used to be LizzieKadison. But they are no longer the same person. I.E., I'd prefer it if you didn't call me Lizzie, plzthnx.

LizKadison took a leave of absence over the 2003-2004 school year. She went home, took a few classes, and worked. Don't ask about the movie theater. Or ask, but expect a screaming rant. Oh, yeah, and she frequently rants about random things very loudly.

LizKadison is an expert in ThingsNotToDo?. She came way too close to ITRing for comfort. So she left for a while. But if anyone has any questions over whether something is a bad idea or not, she probably knows, possibly from experience.

LizKadison is happiest after dancing. You are probably safest from her wrath during the hour following her dance classes.


"When all else fails, abuse the can of spam." --LizKadison

Regarding CIS printers, Charlie, Odin, and Bio52 homweork: "That was WAY more complicated than it needed to be."

"Dance shoes are like a water bottle." --LizKadison

"I'm totally a whore." --LizKadison

"Right now I'm just totally obsessed with being a whore." --LizKadison

"It's Rent so I can dress like a whore." --LizKadison

"Nine year olds are disgusting. They're always covered in slime." --LizKadison

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