An East Dorm meeting, somewhere in the not-too-distant past (all right, Spring 2002):

"We should buy a gong for EastDorm, with our excess finances."

"Certainly! Doesn't that mean we could have the first EDGS? East Dorm Gong Show?"

"I dunno . . . a gong show with only one gong doesn't sound too exciting."

"I just want to get something straight: If a gong wakes me up in the middle of the night, I kill."

"There's something else to consider. A gong is an incredible security device. Any thief who comes into the lounge to try to steal our stuff will feel compelled to hit it!"

"But by the time we got down to the lounge, he'd be long gong!"

At which point WillShipley got showered again.

Notes to consider for ShoweRing:

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