Master of Magic is an ancient Microprose game which runs on expanded memory, and for this reason, as well as others, it is probably the single most temperamental piece of software I have ever owned (and used). Care for a copy of Ultima VII: Serpent Isle? ;-) Expanded memory was the first way in which Microsoft circumvented the 640k limit, and was replaced quickly (very quickly, as far as I can tell), by extended memory, so using it on a modern computer requires expanded memory emulation. After mucking around with config.sys and other fun DOS/Windows? controls, I got the game working again. The game itself, while not really worth the trouble, is fun. It's more or less like Civilization (the first version, not Civ II or Civ III) in a fantasy setting, with spells instead of technology. I suspect that Master of Magic was also inspired by Magic: The Gathering, because of the great similarities in some of the spells and the five-color magic system (and I'm not talking about Fireball).--CurtisVinson

In Windows XP, the expanded memory shouldn't be much of an issue. Go to the properties of the shortcut, memory tab, and for "Expanded Memory" choose "auto."

MikeBuchanan believes it is one of the 10 best games ever made. The other main differences [between it and Civilization] are that combat is tactical, heroes (extremely powerful units) dominate much of combat, your wizard is different than enemy wizards (comparable to MasterOfOrionTwo), and there are enough neutral monsters that you have a lot to focus on besides enemy wizards.


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