Concept and design created by EvilSouthie. Game coded by ZachClegg?, with touchups by EvilSouthie. Named by NateCappallo.

Has the distinction of being thought up, coded, tested, fixed, distributed, competed, and rejected by game companies all within four days.

The easy version can be found at http://www.brianroney.com/gridgame/GridGame.html

The hard version is at http://www.brianroney.com/~broney/hardgrid/GridGame.html

Now available through the iPhone App store: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=290155690&mt=8 (opens iTunes)

Also now available as an app on Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/masterpiecegame/


Click on the square where you want the top left of the "current piece" to go. If it fits, it places. If not, it doesn't. When a row or a column is filled, that row or column is cleared. The goal is to keep enough clear space around that pieces can continue to be placed.

Top scores (scores are for the web version, and are not transferable to iphone or facebook due to minor board/scoring changes)-


 9130 JoseluisEspinosa
 8880 ChrisErickson
 8190 FrancesHocutt
 7050 MorganConbere
 6520 MeganThorsen
 6110 LucasBaker
 5470 CubeSchnaider
 5210 ClayHambrick
 5050 ChainMaille (One move short of a double clear, too)
 4910 NateCappallo
 4210 VivaHorowitz
 3700 EvilSouthie (I suck at my own game! Woo!)
 90   ChainMaille (Getting lower would be...tough)
 80   FrancesHocutt (but possible)
 50   MikeBuchanan (quite possible)

Easy -

 46260 EvilSouthie's dad (yay for addicting people!)
 42470 MikeBuchanan
 28400 JoseluisEspinosa
 22180 EvilSouthie
 18540 CubeSchnaider


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