Formerly, this page said: Home to EmmaBoyer and EllyWalsh?. When no room was found to rebuild the funball pit, the mattresses used in it were moved into their room. The room now has 3 mattresses on the floor and one on the wall, in addition to the ones on the beds. An excellent place to wander into and fall asleep.

Now it's home to EmmaBoyer and PamelaRettig and will be the home of the FunBallPit, which is currently the MattressPit.

Still good for falling asleep. Judging by how many people do anyway.

I wonder what falling asleep in a FunBallPit is like.

Another update: East 112 is now home to the FunBallPit and PamelaRettig.

Next year MattressRoom will be inhabited by EmmaBoyer and MinervaWelling (two thrids of EastSquared suite.)

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Last edited May 24, 2001 17:10 (diff)