Not-quite post-apocalyptic science fiction ( unless you are abnormally sensitive to advertisements, that is ): MinorityReport is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick about a society which foretells crime using precognitives.


For once, I think that the movie surpassed the book. It adds a human side-plot that, though slightly contrived/formulaic ( I mean really, did they have to show us that many photos of the kid?), creates a more compelling reason for John's behaviour.

The only thing I think Dick did better was his treatment of the precogs as completely unfeeling things. It sounds cruel, I know, but I think its better for them to be babbling Grecian oracles than tortured intelligent souls... Maybe I just shouldn't be commenting at 4:00am.


Very good movie, with only a few silly parts (*cough* car factory *cough*). Did anyone else catch that the computer Tom Cruise uses to see future crimes plays Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony" when he's working on it? Nice touch!


It was alright.


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