"In the beginning (1984), there was the classic Macintosh programming model, based on the Motorola 680x0 processor and code segments. Then in 1991, the PowerPC? processor was introduced. There was concern about compatibility with existing 68K applications (including the Finder), and the first step in addressing this concern was writing a 68LC040 emulator which allowed 68K code to run unmodified in the new environment. As part of this effort, a method had to be devised to switch between the native PPC and the emulated 68K modes - thus, the Mixed Mode Manager was born." -- [Tech Note 1077]

One of many horrifying discoveries made on AndrewFarmer's investigation of the classic MacOS? architecture. MixedModeMagic was the trap ($AAFE) which was used to call from 68K code into PowerPC? code (usually within system traps, as multi-platform libraries were always supported).


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