So NunchuckFrosh makes himself nunchucks, is happy. Nunchuck frosh makes himself a duct tape sword, is happy. Nunchuck frosh takes him a Frosh Chem Test, is happy. Nunchuck frosh gets really tired at the end of the day.

Nunchuck frosh doesn't want to sleep in his dorm room.

Nunchuck frosh wanders out.

Nunchuck frosh thinks he's on Pitzer campus. Nunchuck frosh has slept on Pitzer campus before, and knows it is safe to sleep there. Nunchuck frosh is very tired. Nunchuck frosh sits against a wall and goes to sleep.

Nunchuck frosh is on Scripps campus. Big oops. Very big oops. Numerous orders of magnitude oops.

ScrippSies call CampSec. CampSec comes for Nunchuck frosh. CampSec says CampSec gets a call that a man is passed out on Scripps campus armed with weapons. Nunchuck frosh very confused, then veeeeeeery not happy.

Campsec tells Nunchuck frosh that NUNCHUCKS ARE ILLEGAL IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Big oops.

Nunchuck frosh has his nunchucks confiscated. Nunchuck frosh has his duct tape katana confiscated for good measure. Nunchuck frosh wanders back to his own room.

Nunchuck frosh no longer sleeps anywhere near Scripps campus. Big time.

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