A flickering window of fake color, a portal granting a warped and distorted view of the Outside (a small price to pay for a glimpse of worlds beyond our own).

Leave this Bubble and take a peek at the next.

Fixed in a glassy-eyed stare, can you feel the jagged grains of crystal shard tumbling their way down your hourglass conscious? Every grain fallen lands with a thud as final as a sledgehammer down upon your mortality.

Can you taste the lost seconds? Savor them! Let not tastelessness dull your tongue, hasten away from knowledge buried underneath everyday creative superficial conversation.

Worship it. Worship it. Worship it. Worship it. Worship it. Worship it.

The old God is failing beneath the tread of the modern pantheism.

                              Worship it.

--- May also refer to Gruumsh the One-Eye. Ask AriNieh or BretHutchinson for more information on Orcish gods.

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