Orion is a space opera RPG campaign using an original setting and system. DMed by JonahRubin with significant help from EvanHubinger and mostly played by the class of 2019 (and honorary members) starting in 2016. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Highlights include:

 - Trying to bang the 100%-not-biologically-compatible aliens
 - Martians of varying competence
 - Running a privateer ship dedicated to killing slavers, before eventually becoming slavers
 - Getting drunk and kidnapping the owner of Space Norms
 - Asking every terrorist you meet if they know your sister
 - Stabby Squad
 - Vlad the Elevator Operator
 - Bickering between the residents of shitty planet and even-shittier planet
 - Really, really bad diplomacy
 - Sex spheres and male bots
 - Trying to murder the cyborg dog
 - The Muffin Man

Regular Player Characters:

 Art Laskos                 - Mercenary              (CaitlinCash) 
 Centurion Maxwell Daalgard - Marine Officer         (EvanHubinger) 
 Colt McDaniels?            - Space Cowboy           (KemperLudlow?) 
 Dr. John Jones             - Military Researcher    (AdamDhillon) 
 Erion Arlian               - Salvager from Juno     (EvanAmason) 
 Jemna Rhyne                - Independent Researcher (KateWoolverton) 
 Meredith Lastname          - Space Doctor           (KateWoolverton)
 Shep                       - Ground Soldier         (AlexRavnik) 
 Solis Brightfield          - Documentary Filmmaker  (JeremyWang?) 
 Taylor Endo                - Space Marine           (JakePalanker) 
 Quora Chow                 - Space Bartender        (JuliaCosma) 

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