The OrigamiEagle was a large origami eagle folded out of CrappyPaper by ArielBarton. It was then given an origami turtle and suspended from the ceiling of ProfessorIerulli?'s classroom.

On that day, ArielBarton learned the following things:

1) Use large loops of thread. It puts less pressure on the DuctTape you used to suspend it from the ceiling.

2) Tape the thread to the ceiling, not the edge of the fan.

However, she was smart enough to figure out on her own that, when your professor utters the phrase, "Since it fell on me, I think I should get to keep it," you should give the object in question to her immediately.

However, at the next class period, ProfessorIerulli? was kind enough to return the OrigamiEagle to Ariel.

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