To ChessersPlayers, there are two sorts of PawnDrops, depending on which side of the game one is on:

On the CheckersSide, a PawnDrop is a vacant DarkSquare? on the seventh rank which is unguarded by opposing NormalCheckers or other ChessPieces.

On the ChessSide, a PawnDrop is two adjacent vacant squares on the seventh rank.

A PawnDrop is useful for (unsurprisingly) dropping a ChessPawn into, as it threatens immediate promotion, usually followed by some degree of havoc.

NormalCheckers are useful for plugging PawnDrop s (defensively). On the CheckersSide, there are frequently better methods of dealing with them available, however, especially as there are far better things to do with a NormalChecker in hand. No! Not like that! ;->

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