Perhaps the prank that has had the largest effect on current HMC prank policy. It's easy to imagine the landscape mural in PlattCampusCenter? as a lake set against a background of tacos. In order to make this point, a prankster decided to place a large paper(?) Loch Ness Monster in the lake, and the words "Mmm... tacos" in a thought bubble above said monster. Coincidentally, the mural's creator visited campus the following day, and was not amused. The rule against pranking artwork was the result... or did that happen after MotionShield became Rusto?

Mudd legends expert RifHutchings? has verified this except for the prank policy change. He believes that the change was a response to the Rusto prank. There was an increased awareness of the prank policy as a result.

Full speed ahead! And damn the tacos!

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