PowerSteering is ForGirls.

FredTheCar (PeterBoothe's car) does not have PowerSteering

Wallace (ErinSperry's car) does. Unfortunately, Wallace is in MinneSota? and not here. Does Grommit have PowerSteering? I don't know, but Wallace and Grommit are also my nicknames for the T-Rex and pterodactyl skeletons (well, casts, actually) in the Wallace Atrium of the Valley Life Sciences Building at UC Berkeley. Neither of them has power steering, or power anything. This is what really killed the dinosaurs.

Falcon (WillShipley's car) does, though Will didn't know it until it was pointed out that his car was dangerously low on power steering fluid. "Power what-now?"

It is good to have cars without PowerSteering, as well as without power anything else, since then you can drive them when they're off, as long as you're on a hill or already going fast. Cars like ghetto-ass '67 vw bugs. Which is exactly the kind of cars that you will need to drive with no power. (Note that ghetto-ass '92 Mercedes sedans with power steering can still be steered when they're off.)

Power steering is useful when you're learning to parallel park a car a the same time as you are learning to use a stickshift. Of course, automatic transmissions are ForGirls, too, so there ya go.

On the other hand, lack of PowerSteering is for masochists.

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