"Now that I've been teaching it for six years, I'm beginning to understand what's going on." -- Professor Baker

Also known as CrazyOldMan Baker.

An excellent lecturer or recitation instructor for FroshChem; even better as a ChemLab? prof. Like ProfessorSparks in PhysicsLab?, she'll make you work hard but you will learn the material.

During a ProfThing? in the EastDormLounge, former CalTech? student Baker was heard discussing possible ways to break through the cement-embedded bike locks currently holding down the CalTechCannon. One proposal involved LiquidNitrogen?...

Look, the problem with the CalTechCannon is that it's currently held in place only by a U-lock not unlike the kind sold by DOS imbedded in a block of cement. You can use LiquidNitrogen? to freeze bike locks and shatter them, but the problem is we only want to shatter the part of the lock not attached to cement in any way, since bike locks are relatively cheap but big blocks of cement are not.

See also: IhardlyKnowEr


(from the Stauffer lecture)

Polystyrene does NOT want to associate with water, it would rather go into a corner and die.

(FroshChem Spring 2006)

I hope we can get to it. I'll get to it anyway. Even if we do not have time I will mention it.

Why do I get so excited about Carbon Monoxide? Because it's deadly!

You cannot just spew electrons into space, at least not in Chemistry...

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