A math professor who does fluid dynamics stuff. Along with ProfessorSu, he runs the PutnamSeminar? (aka PizzaForCredit?) Tuesday nights every fall semester. He also organizes its counterpart, the spring ProblemSolvingSeminar? (aka BastardSonOfPutnam?, or NoPizzaForCredit?).

Legend has it that, as an undergraduate at MIT, he got a DoubleMajor by accident.


"Only one pirouette per class period." --Prof. Bernoff

"There are enough Professor Bernoffs to be every couch." -- SteveHaas

"If you set 7 equal to 0 you have a problem" --Prof. Bernoff

"Who has a chalk fetish?" --Prof. Bernoff

"Two functions enter & 1 function leaves" --Prof. Bernoff (describing the convolution)

Student: "I love Prof. Townsend! He's so happy all the time!"
Prof. Bernoff: "It's the drugs."

"There is a veritable orgy of cancellation...and the answer is zero." -- Prof. Bernoff

For more quotes from ProfessorBernoff, see http://www.math.hmc.edu/~ajb/quotes.html

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