A fun thing to do is count the number of times that Professor Castro says 'right' during class. The record so far is 172. Nice!


"It's like...how do you call it...low riders?"

"By the authority vested in me by a tie..."

During DEs II:

 ProfessorCastro: "Name your two favorite fast food restaurants."
 RichardGarfinkel: "In - N - Out and Del Taco."
 ProfessorCastro proceeds to write "Inn and Out" on the board.

"It's also an alpha, by the property I forgot to write."

"Don't watch the entire superbowl. Take off the first quarter, nothing exciting happens then. Or tell you what, some of you watch it and tell the other people about the commercials."

"It's right, but almost right."

"... Then my proof is wrong, and we have to go back to that hundred-dollar book of proving which I don't like ..."

"If I wore a jacket that goes down to here (gesture to waist) and another that goes down to here (gestures to knees) and another that goes down to here (shins) then eventually you will not see me anymore. But if I wear only finitely many of these, you can still see my toes!"

"Then what do I do? I order another tequila, right? Right? Right?"

"Let's put it bigger than Y. No, let's put it bigger than Y+1, to excite you!"

Math 132 Fall 2008

"You see how nice it is to work with measurable sets? Anything you try, it works well - As long as you do it countably many times."

" Any of you has physics inclinations?" pause "No? Good....gooood..."

"It is a very simple proof. There is not much concept there, so it might be confusing."

"If you bring a magnifying glass close to the lips of a person, you find something continuous. But it might be fractal!"

"And so Bart Simpson is measurable."

"This is a number almost everywhere."

"If you take a map of the city of Claremont and put it in San Francisco, you will have no fixed point."

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