Although ProfessorSpjut is infamous for his teaching methods in required engineering classes, he does actually give lectures in upper division technical electives.

Political views: He wants to reduce the number of classes Mudd students take while increasing the credits that each class is worth (4 classes @ 4 credits/class = 16 credits). He readily admits that this would require a complete overhaul of the way every Mudd class is taught and the material that each class contains in order to cover the same material covered under the current system.

Very smart fellow with an Eastie sense of humor.

Has been memefied as [Darth Spjut].


"I love [being a professor] here at Mudd, it's not like at MIT. When they find out that you are a MIT prof, they have one of 2 reactions: ~repeatedly bows down~ 'Oh annointed one...oh annointed one...' or ~puts his fingers up in a cross and staggers backwards~ 'Back! Back!'"

"You have as much work in the 3 unit course at Mudd that they have in 4 unit courses at MIT."

"You [do] get a 5 year engineering degree: we just make you do it in 4 years."

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