Species: Mustula cervicis

Rachel hangs out in the lounge now and then, especially on Friday nights after Hillel. When there, she is always seeking a sexy male.

She is a Scrippsie, class of 2010, and is twenty years old, thankyouverymuch. (Yes, it is illegal.) Her intended major is mathematics, though she enjoys sculpting chocolate male genitalia. However, her knowledge of art history is sketchy, much like her soul, and she does not wish to participate in quizbowl.

She has acquired the unfortunate nickname of "Neck Weasel," for reasons she would rather not go into. She is also known as "Red Glasses Rachel," because, she used to wear red glasses. And if you look very closely, you'll still see them. Really. Other nicknames, primarily used at Scripps, include "Piglet" and "Peanut Butter Dominatrix," or PBD. She usually asks permission before biting, but does not require it. She used to live in the suite of MassivelyAwesomeSuiteofAwesomelyCoolAwesomeness?, but has now changed her spots and moved to SuiteTransvestite.


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