A beautiful land in GJW full of hot sexy women, including SarahDerry, KatherineErickson, RachelKarpman and JenniferTownsend. Community motto is "We shirk baking." We are queer-friendly and anti-fuck-weasel. 3/4 of our suite can do maths, but KatherineErickson makes up for it in other ways, if you know what we mean. These are not the hammer.

When entering this foreign territory in the mystical region known as "Scripps" you should not be shocked if the natives greet you with chants of "ShotsShotsShotsShotsShots?" while worshipping their supreme local deity, Sarah Haskins. Extreme caution should be practiced (practice makes perfect!) when the natives become violent as they are apt to do in the brief period of time after sunrise and before dawn.

KatherineErickson is Mal SarahDerry is Jayne RachelKarpman is Kaylee JenniferTownsend is Zoe

Suite auxiliaries: Ivan is Inara BrianaKonigsberg is River AjaSenestraro is THE SHIP Regina/Lisa? are Book

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