In this movie, Dawson (Dawson's creek guy) is a sex maniac drug dealer. You get to see him make out with a guy in one of the other character's fantasies. This is basically a movie about a group of college-aged characters who are really into drugs, drinking, and sex. It is not a teenage movie, by the way. It's based on a book. The ending is abrupt, but apparently true to the book. Oh, and apparently according to the books, he is related to the guy from AmericanPsycho. Not sure if that's really true. A lot of the movie takes place backwards (literally, with people walking backwards and everything). There are some bizarre scenes - a very personal suicide (personal as in, the scene goes for a long time with a lot of close-ups), a couple of guys dancing in their underwear on the bed singing george michael songs, an uncomfortable rape scene, etc.

KimEspinoza thought this movie had its interesting moments. I might even have watched it a second time if the ending wasn't so abrupt and annoying. I certainly wouldn't watch it if you are very sensitive. Certainly part of its intent is to make you uncomfortable, but I found the characters' thoughts to be interesting along the way too. I was reading reviews after I watched the movie and they all said that the movie sucked. I don't think it sucked, but I am not surprised that people said that about the movie. If I had to compare it to AmericanPsycho, I would say it was much better, as AmericanPsycho was one of the suckiest, most boring movies EVER.

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