Sabreen Lakhani is a SENIOR of the class of 2011. She lives in East 170 next to her suite-ee, MadeleineOng.

She is a co-author of the EastDormEntranceExam.

She has a threatening-looking knife (NOT a switchblade) that she will pull on you if you poke her too much.

As of the fourth week of school, she has taken a particular liking for lighters and settings people's hands on fire.

Is one of the high-scorers for the East Water Polo Team (at least 20 points)

She enjoys giving people both regular hugs, and ninja-like SurpriseHug? s.

Brandon's #2 fan.

East's official hug-o-meter. Give her a hug and she will rate it relative to the other hugs she has received within the 5 minutes prior to your hug.

She was involved in the FroshRoomFireDrill in Spring of 2008, when MadeleineOng moved into her room.

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Schedule Fall 2011:

CLASS    SC   SECTION   CLASS NAME                      INSTRUCTOR                WHERE                  WHEN
LIFE101  WD     01      The Real World                  ProfessorLife           LF      101     UMTWRFS  12:00a  11:59p


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