SamGray is a SontagFrosh from Maine who plays the French horn.

He is in an ethereal state as the result of a compromise. As such, he is both existent and nonexistent at the same time. It was later concluded that he is bottom, a logical contradiction. No one knows anything for sure about him now.


"I went to the bathroom. It was glorious."
"Edward made me feel like I was pregnant."
"Yes is no, and no is no, and it is always rape."
"Pie! Please resopon!" - Subject of an email asking for pie orders in the SontagFrosh giant pie thing.
"Conscious dead girls are more interesting."

"If you come across a tree in a forest and there are two guys with axes, does it matter which one kills you?"
"That's more blood than I can drink!" - When watching Kill Bill

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