The SquirrelArmy consists of all enlisted squirrels in the United States who are fighting to protect their homes from invasion by the greedy humans. Only one human, the Squirrelloid, has managed to become their friend and master.

This is funnier if you know that a popular company that prints debate briefs calls them "Squirrel Killers" --AvaniGadani

Hordes of these squirrels have been known to kill unsuspecting humans in wilderness areas, especially construction workers. Plot carefully and observe closely any area they plan on attacking. Also hate chipmunks for invading their territory and wage war upon them.


 Lord General Perkins: AC 0, Move 18, HD 12, hp 88, ThAC0 9, #Att 3 or 2, Dam/Att? 4d6?+5/5d6?,
 Special Attack: Disruption, Spec Def: Immune to all spells which affect mind, MR 50%, 
 Size S (4 in), morale 18

Description: A small, agile squirrel, his tactical genius have lead to substantial victories for the squirrel cause. In battle, he wears elven acorn mail + 4 and rides a fantastic Pegasus named Mandlebrot. He carries a Mace of Disruption + 5 which forces anything hit by it to make a saving throw vs Death or be disintegrated. Undead take double damage from this powerful weapon. Also carries explosive acorns given to him by the Squirrel Sorceror Nernst which explode as fireballs for 5d6?. Has a portable hole that holds all the accomodations of a squirrel dwelling.

 Mandlebrot: AC 4, mv 24 (Fl 48), HD 6, hp 40, ThAC0 15, #Att 3, Dam/Att? 1d8/1d8?/1d3?,
 Special Att: Dive, Rear kick, Spec Def: none, MR 20%, Size S (5" at shoulder), morale 20

Lord General Perkins faithful steed, is more powerful than a normal pegasus despite small size. Is very soft and cuddly and nice to hug.

 Nernst the Sorceror: AC -2, mv 18, HD 10+9, hp 42, ThAC0 14, #Att 1, Dam/Att? 1d6?+6
 Spec Att: Spells, Spec Def: See below, MR 80%, Size S (12"), morale 17

Description: A mighty squirrel sorceror, Nernst is extremely familiar with the arcane arts and has been known to charm humans and force them to forward the squirrels nefarious plan. Immune to all spells that target only him. Carries a Pine Staff of the Squirrel Magi +6 and wears a robe woven from the finest pine needles that functions as a Robe of the Arch Squirrel. Also carries acorns which turn anything they hit into stone. Was outcast at birth due to tufted ears. Loves watching the movie Willow.

 General Fourier: AC -10, mv 15, HD 18, hp 150, ThAC0 3, #Att 5, Dam/Att? 2d8?+12, 
 Spec Att: none, Spec Def: Missiles cannot hit him, MR 0%, Size S (15"), morale 20

Description: A huge squirrel, is called Big Fourier by the chipmunks. Wears the Pine Plate + 5 and carries a shield of the largest acorn top ever seen covered in Mithril (+4). The remainder of that acorn was also covered in Mithril and made into the head of his gigantic mace, Chippie Masher, which is a +4 weapon. Has a large fluffy tail. Does interesting transforms of chipmunks, usually from whole to pieces.

 Null Space: AC -2, mv 24, HD 8, hp 58, ThAC0 16, #Att 2, Dam/Att? 1d6?+5
 Spec Att: backstab (x3), Spec Def: Parry (1/rnd against AC 4), MR 0%, Size T (5" long), Morale 12

Description: A chipmunk who has betrayed his kind and now works for the squirrels. An expert thief and spy, he may use Alter Self 3/day (caster level 8)and may use the following thief abilities: Open Locks 90%, Find/remove Traps 85%, Pick Pocket 90%, Climb Walls 110%, Move Silently 95%, Hide in Shadows 105%, Comprehend languages 35%, Hear Noise 92%. Also carries a Marble enchanted with a extradimensional pouch which he can hide in, his very own Nullspace. His sword, a Pine Needle Rapier, is enchanted to +5 and is intelligent (18), granting Clairaudience and Clairvoyance each 3/day and grants see invisible as long as he is holding it.

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