Stanford (a.k.a. Leland J. Stanford Junior University, a.k.a. Green Circle) is a university in (gasp!) Stanford, California (wait, I thought it was in Palo Alto...). It has a (not-so-)friendly rivaly with UCBerKeley, mostly centering on the BigGame? and some dealie involving an axe that vaguely resembles the CalTech? cannon stuff. For some reason, this year it has had a fairly decent football team. Home to several ex-Mudders (at least 3 from the class of 2001).

Best thing about Stanford: 10 units is a full load.

Worst thing about Stanford: Class times not standardized between departments, so trying to fit a class outside your department into your schedule can be very difficult.

Comic description of grad student life: [Piled Higher and Deeper].

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