The first season of the AnimE series of GhostInTheShell - see either wiki-link for further clarification. I should point out that the full name of the second season is "Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, Second GIG," but more often than not people will use this term to refer to the first season. Worth seeing; a pleasantly philosophical AnimE series.

StandaloneComplex takes place after the first movie, in a world where Section 9 never encounters the Puppet Master. The main storyline of the series covers the investigation of a rogue hacker called the Laughing Man, which leads to the discovery of a pharmaceutical scandal tied to the highest echelons of the national government.

Also features TachiKomas?, sentient-tanks which act and sound like cute, curious, hyperactive children. Children with miniguns, grenade launchers, and thermoptic camoflage. What could be better? Finally, a version of the cute Japanese teen stereotype I can appreciate.

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