One of the GamesWhereYouAreUnspeakablyAwesome?, this is basically a fighting game which can be described as "Devil May Cry except you aren't Dante except you have Force Powers."

AlexBobbs agrees that the music, story, and acting in StarWarsTheForceUnleashed are much stronger than the gameplay. The gameplay isn't bad, it's just unrefined and needs better level design.

Things that you can do with force powers include throwing multiple stormtroopers out of spaceshipwindows simultaneously, electrically charging containers and then throwing them at people (thus electrocuting them), slicing an AT-ST in half, and pulling a star destroyer out of orbit.

The downside is that, in later levels, enemies can stunlock you with fireballs until you die.

If the experiences of people playing SkyeBerghel's copy are any indication, players spend about 80% of the time gleefully killing enemies in a variety of entertaining ways, and 20% of their time saying "WHAT NO HOW DID I DIE."

The Wii version lets you play as Darth Maul, Mara Jade, and Mace Windu. That's ludicrous amounts of FanService, even if it's only used in Duel Mode.

Also one of the GamesWithHilariousBonuses?. Lifting someone and then force-pushing them nets you a Cannonball Bonus; throwing an electrical object at someone nets you a Grenade Bonus; and throwing people into space, off the map, or into bottomless pits nets you a "Long Way Down Bonus."

Testimony from Matt Richman: "Lightsaber? I have one of those?"

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