This guy is totally awesome. Look up "awesome" in the dictionary, and there will be an entire section on Strong Bad. (Also look up "crap" for an entire section on Strong Bad.) He may or may not have invented the word "crap" but he's certainly brought it to an entirely new level. Hopefully, he will be the graduation speaker this year, but barring that, his Monday e-mails will bring joy to all those who bother reading them and enjoy his very sophisticated sense of humor.

After graduating from Crazy Go Nuts University, he founded the sovereign nation of Strongbadia. It is a beautiful place where tropical breezes blow and has a population of tire. If you've never been to [Homestar Runner], you sure are missing out. Hoo boy.

See GoD.

Another reason StrongBad is awesome: Dumples, CGNU's mascot, looks uncannily similar to WallyTheWart?.

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