"It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!"

"Dancing is merely the vertical expression of a horizontal desire"

I cast Charleston... at the darkness.

Wow this page was horribly (as in 3+ years) out of date... someone want to update this to reflect the actual state of affairs? Eg, Pomona somewhere, and who knows.


Back in the GoodOlDays, Sleazy 'Ryan' Haskett taught a bunch of us FrOsh to dance. I took over from him as the 'organizer' (if such a thing could be said to be organized) the next year. Both those years, and presumably at least one year before, Mudd held SwingDancing on Wednesdays in PlattCampusCenter?. Then my Junior year, as a personal favor to IvyGrey?, i moved Mudd's dancing to Monday and allowed them to host theirs on Wednesday. I reclaimed Wednesday the following year, and i believe that (2001-2) was the last year there was SwingDancing on Mudd as a regular activity. --NickJohnson

Sadly there hasn't been dancing in Platt for a long time now (unless you count RenoNight?), but Blaisdell Swing Club holds swing dancing on monday nights. Last year it was down on NorthPomona? somewhere.

If you want to learn Lindy Hop you can, through (surprise!) the Lindy Hop club. Fall 2004 they met in the Smith campus center on Pomona, at 2:00 on Saturdays, don't know if that's slated to change for spring 2005, but I'd guess not. It's an hour of learning how to dance, followed by an hour of music for those who want to dance without being told what to do. (Stay to dance afterward. I didn't for a while and now I can't remember anything.)


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