Mongers of squeezed liquid white from dense, multi-stomached organisms that go "moo!", color the occasional highway's air, and feeds the massive world-wide appetite of the "higher" species that has one stomach but otherwise resembles these creatures quite a bit. The aforementioned salesmen smile happily in stiff, helpful positions and vehemently deny and are offended by the merest mention of "rigor mortis." In fact, left to their own devices, they could argue about this until the cows come home. This, however, is impossible, for if all cows in general were to have an objective Home, the cosmological effects of such a fact would annihilate most human societal ambition, and the world as we know it would cease to exist. Then again, if you are listening to TheDeadMilkmen in the first place, it is highly recommended that you mosie on down to your friendly neighborhood corner institution and politely inquire about obtaining one of those /nice/ jackets. If the woman in white at the counter expresses chagrin, genially bite her ear off. That might persuade her.

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