The ToasterOvenConspiracy was a conspiracy to disappear the lounge toaster oven after perpetrated by 2012-2013 EastDormPresidents, JakeLow and RebeccaThomas, after the toaster oven was deemed a fire hazard, likely in relation to MorganLuckey's pyrophoric misfortunes. The conspirators concocted a coverup: the lounge toaster oven was accidentally sold at DormAuction. Skeptical of this shear cover up, JacobPeacock began an investigation and made a detailed interrogation of the presidents. They didn't crack. Eventually, JacobPeacock infiltrated EDC to discover and rescued the toaster oven, reuniting the dorm with their precious quesadilla making machine. He goes down in history as a dorm hero!

The conspiracy went so deep, that even after the JacobPeacock blew the lid off it, the likes of the current dorm president didn't realize the toaster oven existed.

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