JoeFrosh: Well, my friends gave this movie mixed reviews, but I liked it. Even after being in the movie theatre for three hours before seeing it, and having a headache while watching it (not because of the movie) I still liked it. Anyway...yeah.
MarkSandoval: This is great for those who are tired of traditional and excessively formulaic super-hero movies. Actually a quite refreshing spin on the genre, though the ending might leave you begging for a bit more... Ugh. I just read that back to myself. How about those formulaic sounding movie reviews, eh?

Sure do look alike?

SeemaPatel: Would've been a great movie if I hadn't known beforehand that it was done by the same director that did TheSixthSense?. As it was, I ended up comparing UnBreakable to TheSixthSense? the entire time. (TheSixthSense? was MUCH better).

AlexBobbs: Overall, I liked this movie, even if it was a bit slow. It was creative, both with respect to the story and the photography (although at times it seemed to try too hard) and well-acted. It didn't have as much depth and pacing as TheSixthSense?, but was still very intriquing. The unusual ending, while disturbing and somewhat unsatisfying, is actually very appropriate for the story, especially upon further reflection (without giving too much away, pay close attention to the things Sam Jackson and his mom say). Three Stars.

AvaniGadani: I just saw this again and its definitly on my list of movies scary enough to be uncomfortable. I'm still trying to figure out why they cast Bruce Willis with a little boy again (unless they were deliberately looking for comparison to TheSixthSense?, which I'll agree with Seema was an overall better movie, though UnBreakable's plot did more for me). Hopefully the sequels can maintain the same level of humanity and realism and avoid falling into the comic book trap.

And I liked the ending. A lot.


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