A WikiName is a group of capitalized words with no spaces between them. The first capital letter must be followed by a lowercase letter; for example, ItrSuite is a WikiName while ITRSuite is not.

Beware the WikiName plural problem: WikiName and WikiNames link to different pages.

When creating a new WikiName, use the singular if in doubt. To pluralize a WikiName, you can add two double quotes between the name and the final 's':

WikiName""s = WikiNames

Avoid making a one-word WikiName if there's no obvious capitalization (see DenNys). Try adding a word, even if it's not the name you would normally say (DennysRestaurant, perhaps). Most one-word names are both UgLy and hard to remember correctly.

Going to a page that hasn't been created will allow you to enter the text for that page. But in this case, no other page would link to it, necessarily... I term this a 'wiki-island'. It's like the wiki-iceberg from hell. This is to be avoided, right?

I find it amusing that the example indicates the page with the "bad" name (i.e. DenNys) exists, rather than the page with the "good" name. - RichardBowen

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