If we ever remember to add quotes from the sessions, here's the place

Debbie (OOC): "Here, have some water. It might make you drunk."

DM: 'Well, Adam DOES have two dots of Craft First Age Shit."

Debbie (OOC) (in response to Jurash's arrival): "Hello, I see your party has no Dragon King."

 Adam: I want to make a sign to warn travellers, but I don't have any craft skills for that.  All I have is Craft First Age Artifact.
 DM: Okay,...... so you can craft a big glowing neon sign that floats in the air to warn travellers.

 Adam: "We ask only two things.  First, when you go to the East "
 Debbie (OOC): "You dress up in black clothing!"

Tiff: "Let the life force throw flew you!"

Debbie: "So, shall I throw the first cow?"

Adam: "Good day! I am the River of Angsty Turnips!"

 DM: You recognize the guy from the old days of slaves mining with pitchforks and whatever
 All: Pitchforks??
 DM: ... What?
 All: You mean pickaxes?
 DM: Oh they're the same thing!
 Debbie: No wonder they needed so many slaves!
 Adam: It's not working!  *mimics stabbing rocks*

 Fred does what he does best during combat, and begins running in the opposite direction.  DM indicates this by drawing an F on the white board with an arrow.
 Debbie (OOC): I guess F = ma.

Alejo: The First and Forsaken Lion is more irrational then the square root of pi!

Brianna, determining how many dice to roll: 2 and 2 is 3...

 Brianna: I'll just make [a highly improbably siege engine] myself!
 DM: Uhhh, okay, but it'll cost you like five gossamer.
 Brianna: No, I'll just use Ordinary Object Conjuration!
 DM: That's not an Ordinary Object!!

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