A variant of AngBand. One way to put it is an AngBand++, i.e. nothing's been removed, but a lot of things (races, classes, powers, spell domains, and monsters) have been added.

One thing that HAS been removed is the emphasis on Tolkien (also less D&D). ZAngBand stands for Zelazny Angband, as many additions (including the new bosses) stem from the writings of Roger Zelazny, largely from the Great Book of Amber (I've read it, it's quite good). Lovecraft (i.e. Cthulu) has also been added in, as well as Warhammer (at least, I know those four Demon God guys are from it). Also a few references to the world of Belgarath (which I just discovered, having finished the book Belgarath The Sorcerer this afternoon). yeah, there's a lot of Warhammer there... all the demon types plus the gods, and i think there's a unique or two based on warhammer40k (dont ask). On David Eddings: for all thats holy, only read one series. If you read more, you'll find out he liked his storyline so much, he told it again and again and again --NickJohnson

There's much more, but I needn't list everything.

[Zangband Web Site]

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