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* [The Clan, by Chris Jones] 23 parts (continuing, last 11/6/00). 8/10 vampiric Tendos. A demon starts attacking Nerima's virgin females and messily sacrificing them to open a portal to the demon's home. Luckily?, it turns out Nodoka is actually a vampire, and trained to combat demons such as this one. She offers to make the Tendo females and Ranma into vampires to help her in combatting the menace. Ranma, although unsympathic to the demon, is is disturbed by this new aspect in his mother, especially when the Tendo females start taking Nodoka up on her offer, so he leaves to try to fight the demon in his own way. Warning: somewhat dark and in parts lemon, although the dark and lemon portions are generally separate.
* [The Clan, by Chris Jones] 23 parts (continuing, last 11/6/00). 8/10 vampiric Tendos. A demon starts attacking Nerima's virgin females and messily sacrificing them to open a portal to the demon's home. Luckily?, it turns out Nodoka is actually a vampire, and trained to combat demons such as this one. She offers to make the Tendo females and Ranma into vampires to help her in combatting the menace. Ranma, although unsympathic to the demon, is is disturbed by this new aspect in his mother, especially when the Tendo females start taking Nodoka up on her offer, so he leaves to try to fight the demon in his own way. Warning: somewhat dark and in parts lemon, although the dark and lemon portions are generally separate.

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First note that this is not a "serious" fic, in more than one sense. While I can't credit the change in personality in Nabiki and Akane (it seems more likely to me that Nabiki would try to take advantage of Ranma's situation and Akane would... well not be nearly so helpful and overprotective), the ensuing hijinks are very in character for the Ranma universe: utter cluelessness among the uninitiated, totally misinterpreted comments, and awkward situations. Still, despite the fact that four parts have been written (they are relatively short), I need to have more data before I can come to a final judgement on the series as a whole.

A large spamfic. A GOOD large spamfic. Yummy goodness, with references to more political tracts than any sane person should read in one lifetime. Reminds me of Sovereinity-Associationist Girl Nanami, an Utena fic by Alan Harnum.

Suffice it to say, I really, really, REALLY liked this fic. You should read it, and then send the author email urging him to continue it. Please. Do it for the sake of the children. :)

I am heartily glad that I read Secondary Characters first, because had I read this first, I would never have bothered with anything else. Sailor Moon: Pain (the first of the three stories) is okay, but uninspiring. Pain: The Lovers (the second story) is better, but nothing to write home about. (On the other hand, I'm writing this, so what can I say?) Pain: The Story (the third story), on the other hand, is (for me) quite a disagreeable read. Motivations were hazy, characters were driven insane with little or no chance to do anything, and, in the end, deus ex machina was the savior of the day (the deus is literal, the machina not quite). Eh.

This is very obviously a first work: not bad, per se, but it falls into too many of the cliches I've seen in Ranma and Sailor Moon fanfiction. There's also the fact that the whole Ranma-learns-to-teach part of the story is cut off in mid-stream by the by the invasion, leaving it hanging. Probably still worth a read, just don't expect greatness from it.

Dark comedy, with serious undertones. An interesting look into the mind of someone who has been everywhere, seen everything, but just can't find fulfillment. Definitely recommended.

I found this a very powerful work which I especially liked. I fell the author did a very good job of portraying the differing motivations driving the various groups active in the tale and the ways in which they conflict. There were a few touches I disagreed with (the inclusion of Cyrus), but still, this is definitely a must-read. As a note: there exist several SM other stories by the same author which gain occasional references here, but they are not necessary to understand and enjoy this story. You should still read them, though :).

I have some problems with the premise of this fic: generally speaking, I don't like the appearance of new reincarnates from the Silver Millenium, unless there is a very good premise behind it. The fic seemed at least part wish fulfillment, and Crimson (Mars's shieldsman) receives too much attention and seems too perfect for me to really care for him. Well-written, but like some other fics, not really to my taste.

Effectively, this tells the same story as Macross 1/2 does, just in a much better manner, with more detail lavished on the events occurring so that you don't need a knowledge of Robotech to understand what is going on. As a corollary, of course, the actual plot progresses much more slowly, but that (to me) is an acceptable consequence. I am, however, troubled by the differences between the Ranma of this story and the Ranma we all know (and love?), and the dearth of backstory in between the events at Phoenix mountain and the opening of this fic--maybe because those would presumably require a whole other fic in themselves. I wonder if the care shown in describing the universe would seem excessive if I had seen Robotech, though.

Most Ranma 1/2 fanfics are Ranma stories. It only makes sense; after all, isn't he the hero? This, however, is a Ryouga story, although Ranma still plays an important role. There's a very good one-sentence summary of the entire thing embedded in the last part of the story; it's spoily so I won't repeat it here, but it definitely furthers the impression that the author put a lot of his own feelings into characterizing Ryouga. As an overall conclusion, then: read the fic, but kiddies, don't try the actions displayed within at home. These are trained professionals!

The first 15 or so parts of this fic suffer from two major problems, namely that the plot follows that of the Ranma series too closely to be interesting, except as necessitated by the second problem: everything works out too well, and everyone is just somewhat better than the originals. Ranma is several times complemented on being mature, for crying out loud! The last 6 or so solve one of the problems, but introduce another in its place. The plot finally begins to diverge from canon, but in the process too many characters characters are introduced from too many places, threating with the spectre of a MegaCrossover. What makes it worse is that generally most to all of the characters get some 'screen time' in every episode, so that you fail to get any real differentiation between most of the characters: just person A and person B, clones C, D, E, and F, and random interesting person R. Yech.

My comments on this one are similar to Dew on the Grass: it's very much a matter of taste. I just don't care for the premise, although I think that this story is carried out somewhat better than the earlier one.

Quite a good fic. the only "problem" that I have with it are that it is rather WAFFy, but it's not too overwhelming. If you don't mind WAFFyness (WAFFs? WAFFling? WAFFerosity?), a recommended read.

I liked the idea underlying this crossover, especially since the autor manages to quite quickly deal with the extraneous characters before the fic really begins. This allows him to deal with the real core of the plot, the interaction between Ranma and Rei, especially as they become aware of each other. I do have two issues, though: First, Gendo and his staff seem abnormally permissive with regards to Ranma and Rei's constant disappearing acts. Once would think that in such a place as NERV, a pilot condidate just showing up from nowhere would raise suspicions. On the other hand, they did allow an Angel to become a pilot once, so maybe Ranma in an Eva isn't so far-fetched. Second, Ranma seems surprisingly resilient, given that he, Akane, and basically everything and everyone he knows were destroyed 15 years earlier in a event that he may have helped to cause. Maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet... Still, I would recommend this above most of this author's other works.

This is a fanfic that could have been much better, if only the author would concentrate on one story at a time, rather than try to tell three at once. I liked the Ranma/Tenchi? storyline, and the Nodoka + friends one isn't bad, but seeing as the two parties have yet to meet up 12 parts into the story, one or the other should probably be left until such time as they begin to interact. Plus the additional characters (not only those aforementioned, but also some of the MIB and various and sundry others) distract from the main plot until one isn't quite sure what the main plot is. The author just seems to be trying to do too much at once, and not really succeeding.

I in general liked this fic, although I have some reservations. I think the author does a good job of revealing the conflicting emotions inside Ranma, especially when his love for Akane fights with his horror at what she has become. On the other hand, the other fiancees receive somewhat short shift, getting stuck in the "kill first, ask questions later" mode. On the other hand, given some of the manga, that might not be so out of character ;) ; however, there it's used mainly for comedic effect. Not so here. In summary: my recommendation is to read it, but you might want to wait until such time as the author has restarted active work on the fic (note the last-modified date).

This fic didn't flow as well as some of the others that I've read, and that gave me a negative impression of it. In addition, the anger that possesses Ranma in this fic seemed to me rather out-of-character, given that in the manga he regularly gets attacked by someone, and then very soon after they're campatriots. I can see him having contempt for someone, but not this abiding hatred, and never when it seems relatively undeserved. Still, I liked the premise, and given the above, the author seems to have carried it off relatively well.

The executive summary states: good, but not altogether to my tastes. I like the idea of a Ranma fic in which no actual Ranma charcters appear for the first six parts (except for Hiroshi and Daisuke and a few other bit players, but they don't really count. On the other hand, the entire fic takes advantage of gratuitous shattering of the fourth wall, which I didn't much care for. I also felt that the placing of characters from other series into Ranma roles, while sometimes quite entertaining (Mara as [Belldandy as Kasumi], for example) was generally an underutilization of the possibilities available. On the other hand, this is a comedic, not a dramatic, fic, and so the necessities of the plot aren't quite so pressing.

I liked this story. I mean, I REALLY liked this story. A plot, compelling characters, foreshadowing that gives you some idea about what is coming without being blatant, long but with updates at regular intervals, and a sense of an overriding connection that is driving it all... If you have some spare time (and you must, if you're reading this review), you should read it. The only reasons why this didn't receive a 10/10 are that 1) it isn't finished and 2) umm... it isn't finished. Maybe next year...

Note: when I wrote this, the last two chapters were not available on the above-linked web page. I found them in the [FFML Mini-Archive].

Mmmm... Massive hyperbole. The fic, like Dew on the Grass, is mainly a matter of taste, but this one I happen to like. This fic also served as a warning to me to pay little attention to author's notes, because the author himself doesn't much care for it. Oh, well. Anyway, think epic with Ranma vs. the foreshadowed evil. The biases that the author mentions in his note are certainly present, but I'm willing to accept them, perhaps because I've seen them before. And they're not nearly as overwhelming as he implies: I've certainly seen much worse. (To tell the truth, I think it's impossible to tell a tale without some biases. The only question is whether or not they will be more or less acceptable to the readers and according to canon.)

A truly unique take on the 'world' of Evangelion, and very funny. There's nothing quite like the attempt to say, 'If Evangelion were a self-insertion, what would the authors be like?' Definitely a recommended read.

Another classic short darkfic, but funny. And with lots of really bad puns. Read it, but not right after dinner.

Certainly an interesting alternate universe for the Senshi to find themselves in. I really like the mechanics of the work and the way the background has been altered, but I'm less enthusiastic about the characters. Usaig in particular seems quite a distance from the standard, but that, in turn, may be a good thing: the original probably wouldn't fit in well. We'll see, I guess, as more is written.

An... interesting... fusion of the two worlds. The World of Darkness atmosphere definitely predominates, with the Senshi and their friends/enemies/compatriots adapted to fit that world, but there is the definite sense that all has not yen been lost. I'd like to reserve my full judgment until more of the fic is produced, but I like what has been written so far. Some of the references to more obscure bloodlines and clans indicate that I may need to read up more on the World of Darkness, too.

The author likes writing his Ranma/Sailor? Moon crossovers, and they're not bad, but he also tends to stick at times to the same main ideas, which can be repetitios. One of these ideas is that Ranma and the Sailors can never coexist happily, at least the first time they meet; this fic just takes that idea to the extreme. While Ranma certainly has a valid grievance against Uranus for her actions, one would think that Nabiki's vaunted intelligence network would be able to distinguish the fact the Sailors themselves don't present a united front, given that the random civilians do seem to know this. It seems, in short, as if Ranma thinks the fuku makes the girl, and not the other way around. Still, worth a read if you've looking for something to kill time.

This fic is fine and well-done so far as it goes, but something excess has been added and something vital is missing. The something added is serendipity: many of the encounters Ranma has while growing up are duplications of stuff that happens to him in/before the manga (such the the encounter with the amazons and his curse). Unless an explanation is given (mmm... cosmic destiny), it just seems like lack of imagination or over-reverence for canon on the author's part. What's missing is a strong plot: so far (and this is no small way into the fic), all that has really been told is the story of Ranma's growing up: very little seems to be providing an overall purpose or goal to the fic other than "Let's see what happens to Ranma now". Hopefully, at least this latter problem will be remedied later.

I haven't seen much in the way of Gundam Wing (about an episode and a half), and read in even less in the way of GW fanfics, so I can't really comment on the accuracy of the portrayal of Heero. FFML comments seem to indicate it's pretty dead-on, though. This fic is a short, silly thing that provides a useful diversion. Funny, but not really filling.

I didn't especally like this fic for several reasons. First, it felt as if it were very much a simple retelling of You've Got Mail, with Akane and Ranma substituted in (although I haven't actually seen the movie, so I could be wrong. Second, it's very much a WAFFy fic, and I'm not a WAFFy person. Third, much of the course of the fic was extremely predictable -- there were no surprises, no suspense, nothing to keep my attention. Just not my kind of story.

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