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This is a very interesting movie. It is basically a slasher movie. at least that is what it becomes. But most of the feel and real meaning behind the movie focuses on what I would describe as Upperclass-Wall-Street-Business-Culture. It is a real commentary on what americans of this day and age value and ow our culture is set up. It has a sort of serealistic asspect, but of course that only made me enjoy the movie more. If you don't mind the slasher part of the movie (or if you're into that sort of thing) I recomend seeing this movie, at least once. I'm interested in what other people think of it. (review by ChrisPries)

KimEspinoza thinks this was a crappy movie. KimEspinoza's dad thinks this is a crappy movie. KimEspinoza's mom thinks this is a crappy movie. Actually, this is a very crappy movie. This movie is not interesting (AT ALL!) and fails to do anything other than be a slasher movie. The social commentary is minimal and says nothing of significance. The whole time I was waiting for this movie to turn into something good because I was really hoping I wasn't wasting my time... and yet, at the end my boredom and disgust with this movie was only greatend. i was not disgusted with it because of the killing stuff, i've seen enough to be mildly desensitized and i know when to close my eyes... but the movie was just crap. The only surreal or interesting thing about the movie was the scene when the man removes his facial masque... and that's only because my sister has a masque thing just like that. the thing about the business cards was funny.... THE FIRST TIME! i really thought this movie was the biggest waste of time EVER. don't rent it. it's not worth watching once. if you really feel you are missing out on the experience of the movie, think about corporate america with a be better than everyone else compulsion. ok? that's nothing revolutionary, now is it? well, now imagine that one of them kills people and covers it up. ok, that's about it. want anything more than that? TOO BAD! THERE'S NOTHING ELSE THERE.... besides sex... if you are looking for a mild porno, this might do.


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