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A strange hybrid of ComputerScience Vampire and whatever you call the horrible thing the masses speak of in hushed tones as "The BioMajor" this creature commonly identifies with members of the Anura Order of Amphibians.

In its first year, it became obsessed with the popular GoodIdea, CrackInTheAC. All blame for this can be safely blamed on the corrupting influence of its pre-frosh get-together host, TrevinMurakami.

After falling under the sway of Mudd's vampire population in its first semester at Mudd, it stumbled blindly from easy course to easy course while simultaneously dancing through the TheCore? with all the grace and beauty of a fully-loaded cement truck attempting to perform ballet on Broadway. Needless to say, a lot of GoodIdeas were attempted with HugeSuccess?.

Then one day while taking its mandatory bio course it was noticed by a professor that this creature had strange adaptations which allowed it to remain awake and interested in the material, unlike most of the other prisoners. This lead to a series of events leading to taking data structures in its 2nd Spring semester and then getting to work on a research problem solvable with a basic knowledge of data structures. Now it has apparently developed something called a "skill set," a concept completely confusing to its primitive mind.

After two years of slowly killing a popular GoodIdea the best way it knows how, it has now retired to the position, ex-admin of CrackInTheAC, though it still calls the game occationally if its replacement doesn't do it in a timely manner.

Favorite Emoticon: =3 and :3

Favorite Webcomic: MSPA

Favorite Self-Referencing Funwiki Page: BenFreeland

 Future Ben Freeland (FBF) RESPONDS TO PAGE 4134 hours from now:
 This is a lame page. And you are a lame person. GET A LIFE HIPPIE!
 FBF(4134 hours from now) HAS BEEN BANNED FROM THIS PAGE.


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