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   Now it is the beginning of 
   a fantastic story! Let us 
      make a journey to 
    the cave of monsters! 

        Good luck!

Quite possibly the world's most perfect game. It was released for NES sometime in the 80s (there are sequels, but nothing can ever replicate the pure magic and joy of the original). It's a two player cooperative game. Two dinosaurs turn bad guys into fruit and then eat them. Their weapon: bubbles. They fight their way through 99 incredible levels and then a few more, and there's even a Super Bubble Bobble option after defeating the game. There are many different types of items and bad guys. There are multiple endings, and the only way to truly beat the game is to make sure both players are alive at the end.

You don't want the shoe. Trust me on this. You want the shoes, but you can't handle the shoes!

Level 57 is EvilIncarnate.


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