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# Learning new ways to kill people.

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# Learning new ways to kill people.

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# ChemicalLiterature.

CheMistry is ForGirls

Yeah, DamnCoolGirls who can kick your ass! Allotropes rock my world!

I'm neither a girl nor an Eastie, but I'm a Chemist with opinions...


  1. We can take stuff we don't want and make stuff we need. How cool is THAT?
  2. We get access to the CRC's invaluable content AND ancillary uses (footstool, fix for a broken monitor, bludgeon, etc.)
  3. In FinalFantasyTactics, only Chemists can figure out how to remove a helpful liquid from its container. They can also use guns.
  4. As stated above, lots of cool girls.
  5. Learning new ways to kill people.
  6. The Thermite Reaction.


  1. Labs which take upwards of six hours a week are cleverly designated as "1 unit."
  1. Probable death at an early age from cancer or frustration.
  2. Knowing that DeanWettack is considered a full member of your department's faculty, so you're in some way complicit with the fact that EricDitweiler is still on this campus.
  3. GQ&S - chemistry for physics majors who aren't. Interesting stuff, but not when being graded on it.

As Max Maven would say, "The choice is yours, and yours alone."

Taught by members of the ChemistryDepartment.


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