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Cream Cheese Mints

 ~3 oz cream cheese
 2.5-3 cups powdered sugar, or the same amount of normal sugar blended with ~1 tbsp rice flour per cup
 mint extract
 food coloring is optional

1. Mix the cream cheese and sugar together as well as you can. It helps if the cheese is not straight from the fridge.

2. Decide to make a double batch and don't have enough powdered sugar.

2a. Find out that the substitution is 1 cup powdered sugar = 1 cup normal sugar blended with 1 tbsp cornstarch.

2b. Realize you don't have cornstarch either and reason that rice flour is also used to thicken things and therefore can be substituted

3. Mix the batch with the sugar and realize it's way stiffer and crumblier

4. Add a little bit of milk to the dry batch until it mixes

5. Read the directions to add 1/2 teaspoon of mint extract to the mints, and remember adding about 8 drops to the last batch of mousse you made. Remember that the mousse ended up very minty. Disregard the directions.

5a. Add 3-4 drops of mint extract to each batch

6. Add food coloring, red to one batch and green to the other, in the hopes of getting Christmas colors. Mix. End up with pink and light green.

7. Try plopping the batches of mint-stuff on a tray, spreading them in two layers, and rolling them to get a twirly effect. Be thwarted by the stickiness of the lower/outer layer.

8. Keep going anyway and getting a very large, fat, misshapen "roll"

9. Split the roll into two parts and stretch them out to be thinner

10. Use dental floss to cut slices off the rolls. Notice that instead of neat Christmas-y swirls, you have psychedelic patterns.

11. Arrange them on a tray. Allow them to dry for a couple of hours, then turn them over and let them dry more.

11a. Stamp the mints with some star-shaped cake-decorating-thingies to make them look fancier

12. Serve!

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