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DuctTapeLacrosse has been seen in the courtyard of East at least once, in December of 2007. Invented by DanMoore, AndreyShur, MichaelNoback, and PeterTu while waiting for the ROSEttaStone to be painted.

The basic principle of the game is like lacrosse, in that there are sticks, and things you have to move/throw. The difference is that, where any sane person would use a rubber ball and a lacrosse stick, DuctTapeLacrosse is played with a roll of duct tape and lengths of PVC pipe.

This game is the reason that there are 2 rolls of duct tape on the East Dorm roof. It has since been discovered that the best way to move the roll of duct tape from one player to another is to do an "underhand" throw (tossing the roll of duct tape upward off the stick) rather than an "overhand" throw (requires maneuvering the PVC pipe over your shoulder). Otherwise said DuctTape will wind up on the roof.

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