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*/OchreTabloid? ding! (not actually run by me, amusingly enough)


This page is meant to be a random "everybody can post here" about stuff that people want to talk about relating to the FairyTaleCampaign. It's also going to provide links to the substories that people have given me permission to post.

I would like to point out that to save time, I'm posting them as I email, so there'll be a lot of "you" involved. That's point of view of the character in the title of the page. If somebody would like to rewrite them at some point to fix that and maybe edit my style a bit, feel free.

Also, if you're playing in the game yourself, and don't want to spoil things, I'd advise not reading these. If you think you can trust yourself to not act on information you find here, or you're sure you've never met the person involved, or aren't even playing, enjoy.

The following people have their stories online:

People I haven't even started yet (I'm a slacker!):


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