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An exceedingly delicious and rare type of doughnut found among Claremont College dining halls consisting of a perfectly golden, lightly crispy exterior, delicious, rich frosting, and usually an additional sprinkled garnish.

Of the cake doughnut family, the varieties of GodDoughnut range from regular with chocolate frosting and coconut shavings to chocolate with vanilla frosting and colored sprinkles. Some rare and exotic species have been recorded to surface during popular holidays.

Most recent sightings have been in Collins, although in the past GodDoughnuts have been spotted in most dining halls. Migration patterns are suspect but yet to be studied or understood.

Sightings have variously been accompanied by a glowing aura about the GodDoughnut and/or faint Latin choral music.

A recent study has verified that GodDoughnuts often have a light sprinkling of granulated white sugar along their lateral and bottom surfaces, a pattern typically lacking from lowly, usual cake doughnuts. This ignores the exterior of cinnamon and sugar doughnuts, of which an elusive GodDoughnut variety is suspected, but has not yet been observed.

Not to be confused with the GreatPopsicle?.

Sounds like a doughnut fetish to me -MikelGrenzner

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