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  "It's just one guy
  And one guitar
  So it's gotta be folk, right?
  How wrong they are..."  -Hamell, "The Meeting"

Imagine this: You're at an AniDiFranco concert, getting increasingly psyched to see The Folksinger herself in action, when this old (far side of 40 for sure), kinda fat, totally bald-headed guy dressed all in black walks onto the stage. "What the hell?" you think, then "Oh my {insert the deit(y/ies) or cool thing(s) of your choice here}", as he launches into musical action and you realize why his guitar's missing a lot of veneer around the strings: those are skid marks. Hamell is playing a one-man punk rock show on the acoustic guitar. He kicks ass. Your world is rocked.

That pretty much describes TracyvanCort's first encouter with HamellOnTrial. Suffice it to say he's one of her favorites.

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