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I love this fucking school and this school loves fucking me.

FunWiki is a happy place. And rightly so. With a name like "FunWiki" it had better damn well be a happy place. But just like duct tape, FunWiki needs a dark side. Without one, it won't be half as sticky. And that's bad. This page is generously offered to be that dark side. So, in loving memory of the philanthropic spirit of Justin Fucking Radick, I bring you....


This is where the really bitter, angry, hate-filled ranting should go. But my bitter angry ranting was used up in just the introduction. And the introduction isn't all that angry or bitter. So I'll come back and rant. Or someone else can rant here for me. I don't care any more. The apathy of HarveyFuckinMudd has vanquished me after just two paragraphs. Fuck this shit.

Something I always hated about HarveyFuckinMudd was the way the seniors so often gave up on it. Bitter seniors are part of what made Mudd an uncomfortable experience for some people. People start out cool, and then they make it through three years and think they are suddenly super-wise and can make comments as if they KNOW what the school is all about when what they should really be doing is making it a better place.


This seems like a rant about the RealFuckinWorld, to me. I don't mean to be critical, but you shouldn't blame a place for nurturing you, just because you couldn't find that nurturing once you left. And, seriously, don't hurt yourself, okay? I realize this is a place for bitter ranting, but that sounded really bad. And if anybody else ever gets so down-and-out that they can't bring themselves to capitalize their words anymore, please get help.

point taken. we can't let our bitter angry ranting go where it may. its always better to think it out beforehand and put it where it belongs. because contrary to popular belief, bitterness and anger are merely forms of expression, consciously controlled. of course they're not spontaneous emotional reactions to stimuli. the mere thought is ridiculous. and so when you ask for bitter angry ranting, you'll always get a more honest expression of an emotional state when you keep a tight rein on it...

oh yeah, and i never capitalize when i type, unless its a paper. so sue me.

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