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I knew this was a BadIdea, but the "Vultures and Queens" reference was too good to pass up.

Sigh . . . here goes . . . with apologies to SarahMcLachlan?, to the tune of "Angel"

 Spend all your time wading through that sickly dance,
 Not a break in the swarms, all the same.
 Your brothers are bleeding, their shields' not good enough--
 Oh, it's hard at the end of the game!
 The need for quick action (a terrible release),
 Energies sweep through your veins.
 When they run empty, but one path leads to safety:
 To glide in peaceful light . . .


In the heart of the Archon,

Drive away your fears.

From your star-bright conviction

Let the emptyness take them near!

Now reborn from the wreckage

Comes your psychic energies;

You're in the heart of the Archon,

May your minds come for us here.

 For Aiur you take life, but everywhere you turn
 There's Vultures and Queens at your back;
 The storm-thoughts are twisting, keep on stilling the lines,
 But they make up for all that you hack!
 You don't make no difference, you're running out of time
 To give your men a reprieve:
 In that sweet shower, throw yourselves to the power
 And drink it to the lees.


  You're in the heart of the Archon,
  In our minds, live on for years . . .

The perpetrator of the above has been determined to be WillShipley. Go figure.

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